Mini Jambox Review

Mini Jambox Review

Mini Jambox ReviewA lot of people out there have been looking for a Mini Jambox review, therefore we have written a little bit about it. We are going to start out with a short introduction on this device, and then we will continue with a look at the Jawbone Mini Jambox Features and Specifications, Pros, Cons and a Verdict.

Special attention will be given to the outstanding features and new technologies that comprise this speaker and any Mini Jambox review would not be completed without writing about them. We will pay special attention to the LiveAudio technology and the things that have to do with the sound.


As you read the article, you will find out many hidden secrets about the Jawbone Mini Jambox, which is small enough for you to do a lot of things on the go. We will also talk a little bit on customer service, battery life, case, price, quality, personalization, and other topics. There are also real customers reviews and YouTube demos about this speaker over at our Mini Jambox Reviews page here.

Mini Jambox Review- Overview

Since great sound makes life worth living, the Bluetooth Wireless Speaker – the Mini Jambox can be the perfect companion while on the go. Turn your lunch into a party, and every jogging session into an ocean of beautiful sounds with the help of this amazing device.

Feel the great movie experience, or dive into your favorite games right away. The device features a technology called LiveAudio that allows for three dimensional, rich and crisp audio you can take anywhere you go.

The Mini Jambox has been built from extruded aluminum that brings about outstanding volume and sound quality for its size. Though a lightweight, thin gadget, the Mini Jambox will deliver the type of sound you have always dreamed about. To find out more about purchasing this amazing Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker just go to our Buy Jawbone Mini Jambox page here.

Mini Jambox Review – Specs and Features

  • Small gadget. The Mini Jambox is so small you can take it with you anywhere.
  • Long battery life and incredible sound. The device also features high quality sound and a battery that can last for up to 10 hours, and even Bluetooth 4 is also included.
  • Take calls while on the go. It`s speakerphones will allow you to answer any call while on the road.
  • Additional speakers. You can connect two additional speakers, as the Active Play technology is designed just for that purpose.
  • Personalization. The Jawbone app has been designed for a complete personalization of the gadget.
  • Let your friends enjoy it. You can connect this device to any tablet or phone and let everyone know what the conversation is all about. Just warn the other party on the things that are happening.


Mini Jambox Review – Pros

  • Always updated. The Mini Jambox’s technology is always up to date, which means you will continue to enjoy the latest version as Jawbone allows you to do it quickly and easily
  • Top-notch customer service. The company behind this gadget provides an excellent customer service that will be there for you whenever you need it
  • Great case. The case is 1-inch thin and great for high quality sound. The whole case feels quite solid as it has been pushed out from a single piece of aluminum, which is great for the production of superior sound. The long-term endurance of the device is also encouraged by this type of case.
  • The gadget also allows for easy pairing, which will let you connect other devices quickly. It has the benefit of a features menus with built-in spoken voices. Bluetooth users will find this option particularly convenient, because the menus of this item seem quite advanced when compared to Bluetooth which required you to wait for a confirmation code. So you will be able to pair, for example, and iPhone in just a couple of minutes.
  • Easy control of your music. The Jawbone app will allow for easy control of your favorite music, and the fact that it is free is another important thing to take into consideration.
  • Box includes all you need. The box comes with both USB charger and audio cable. The competition of this device might even sell these cables as extras, bit this is not the case for this item.
  • Awesome compatibility. The Jawbone Mini Jambox features the compatibility you have always wanted, and the device does not compromise in quality of sound.
  • Plenty of sound. You will enjoy a lot of sound thanks to this device, and you will be impressed with how much full sound this speaker is capable of putting out. Though you will not be able to fill the whole house with music, the sound is always decent. Use the Bluetooth mode in order to have it sound louder. The high quality of the sound in this speaker is simply amazing, and you will not miss your old Bose.
  • Durable and Portable. This device is both portable and durable, which is a powerful combination and the blasting of music this gadget puts out is just awesome.
Mini Jambox Review – Cons
  • The start-up volume of this device cannot be lowered, which is somewhat annoying for many people out there.
  • Do not expect a big speaker. You cannot expect to hear the sound from far away as this unit has been designed for small groups.
  • Many people might consider the device a bit pricey for the size of the product.
Mini Jambox Review – Verdict

We have been talking about the Mini Jambox. The Jambox by Jawbone is another important app that will allow you to personalize this device even more. The Mini Jambox is durable enough for you to take it with you anywhere you go, and ultimately puts out tons of great sound.

However, you will not be able to hold a party with really large gatherings of people with this item, but it does have a decent sound that will please most people out there. Though it may appear a bit on the expensive side for some people, the Mini Jambox permits easy pairing and it`s case is sturdy enough for you to use it a lot.

The customer service of the company behind this item is simply amazing, and they will be always there for you. Do not expect to get a lot from the start-up volume as it cannot be lowered, but the sound is three dimensional and crisp anyway. The compatibility of the Mini Jambox is also second to none and the same is true for its portability.


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We hope this Mini Jambox review has been of some help.